A Real Model's Diet: Gillian

A real model's diet
Gillian has been successfully working as a fashion model in Asia and around the world for years. On this page she has prepared a 3-day food diary for us.
Just like most diets followed by real models, it featured lots of snacks, small portion sizes and healthy food for her complexion. Click on any of these links to take you straight to Gillian's diet for day 1, 2 or 3.

Gillian's Diet: Day 1

8:30am Breakfast
Large piece of Melon (50 calories)
Piece of wholewheat bread with boiled egg with a slice of smoke salmon (200 calories)
Black coffee (9 calories)
Total 259 calories
1:15pm Lunch
Salmon sashimi with Brown Rice (200 calories)
Starbucks Non-fat Latte (160 calories)
Total 360 calories
Smoked salmon with boiled egg on wholewheat toast 4:30pm Snack
Low fat muffin (150 calories)
Total 150 calories
7:30pm Dinner
Roast Chicken (250 calories)
Broccoli (100 calories)
Glass of white wine (120 calories)
Total 470 calories
Day 1 Total = 1239 calories

Gillian's Diet: Day 2

8:45am Breakfast
Blended Banana Almond power smoothie
1 banana (100 calories)
Handful of almonds (50 calories)
1 cup of skimmed milk (90 calories)
Total 240 calories
12:50pm Lunch
1 med size bowl of Greek Salad (250 calories)
Piece of whole wheat bread (170 calories)
Perrier (0 calories)
Total 420 calories
3:50pm Snack
Low fat yoghurt (190 calories)
Total 190 calories
8:10pm Dinner
1 fillet of snapper (220 calories)
1 cove minced garlic (4 calories)
Asparagus (20 calories)
Spinach (20 calories)
Glass of cranberry juice (125 calories)
Total 389 calories
9:00pm Snack
1 cup of frozen grapes (60 calories)
Total 60 calories
Day 2 Total = 1299 calories

Gillian's Diet: Day 3

9:30am Breakfast
Luna bar (200 calories)
Black Coffee (9 calories)
1 banana (100 calories)
Total 309 calories
1:30pm Lunch
Tuna salad
Can of tuna in vegetable oil (200 calories)
Cucumber (10 calories)
Half bag of baby spinach (20 calories)
Cherry tomatoes (30 calories)
Balsamic vinegar (10 calories)
Squeezed lemon juice (2 calories)
Total 272 calories
4:00pm Snack
1/4 cup dried apricots (100 calories)
Total 100 calories
Edamame as a low fat snack 8:00pm Dinner
Low calorie pizza
1 wholewheat pitta bread (170 calories)
1 sliced tomato (30 calories)
Part skimmed ricotta cheese (80 calories)
Fresh basil leaves (2 calories)
Total 282 calories
9:30pm Snack
Bowl of Edamame (120 calories) Total 120 calories
Day 3 Total = 1303 calories

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