A Real Model's Diet: Robbie

real model diet
Robbie is a successful Australian model whose career has taken her around the world. Click on any of these links to take you straight to Robbie's diet for day 1, 2 or 3.

Robbie has faced the usual pressures of the modeling industry, but has managed to stay healthy and beautiful. Here is her diet from 3 typical days. Remember that Robbie is a regular at her local gym - the more exercise you do, the less strict your diet can be!

Robbie's Diet: Day 1

8:00am Breakfast
Bowl of wholegrain cereal with soy milk (240 calories)
Coffee with soy milk (10 calories)
Total 250 calories
10:30am Snack
Banana (100 calories)
Total 100 calories
Grilled Salmon 1:45pm Lunch
Tomato and Cucumber Sandwich with Low Fat Mayonnaise(260 calories)
Orange Juice (100 calories)
Total 360 calories
4:30pm Snack
Small Bag of Almonds (100 calories)
Total 100 calories
8:00pm Dinner
Baked Salmon with Steamed Broccoli & Garlic (350 calories)
Cup of Fresh Blueberries (120 calories)
Total 470 calories
Day 1 Total = 1280 calories

Robbie's Diet: Day 2

8:45am Breakfast
2-Egg Omelette with Chopped Tomatoes (215 calories)
Black Coffee (9 calories)
Total 224 calories
10:30am Snack
Low Fat Yogurt (90 calories)
Total 90 calories
diet tips 1:10pm Lunch
6-8 pieces salmon avocado roll (300 calories)
Cup of green tea (10 calories)
Total 310 calories
3:30pm Snack
Chewy granola bar (130 calories)
Total 130 calories
7:00pm Dinner
Grilled Chicken Breast with Salad of Walnuts, Cranberries, Tomatoes (350 calories)
1 Glass of White Wine (120 calories)
Total 470 calories
8:50pm Snack
Frozen Cherries (100 calories)
Total 100 calories
Day 2 Total = 1324 calories

Robbie's Diet: Day 3

9:30am Breakfast
Fruit Smoothie with Extra Soy & Flax Seed (250 calories)
English Breakfast Tea with Skimmed Milk (10 calories)
Total 260 calories
1:00pm Lunch
Vegetable Wrap with Hummus Spread (250 calories)
Diet Coke (0 calories)
3 Slices of Pineapple (100 calories)
Total 350 calories
5:20pm Snack
Protein Bar (200 calories)
Total 200 calories
8:00pm Dinner
Tuna Tartare (180 calories)
Edamame (100 calories)
Low Fat Brownie (100 calories)
Total 380 calories
9:30pm Snack
1 Cup Salted Popcorn (50 calories)
Total 50 calories
Day 3 Total = 1240 calories
You've probably noticed that this diet has a lot of snacks. Its actually been shown that it is possible to lose weight by reducing portion sizes and increasing the number of meals per day. Eating more meals can actually make you slimmer!

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