I Need Help to Lose the Baby Weight

I Need Help to Lose the Baby Weight

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any ways to lose 50lbs. Not fast, per se, but right after finishing breast pumping and with an almost 1 year old coming home from the hospital. (We had a long NICU stay and it's looking like she maybe ready to come home between Thanksgiving and Christmas.)
I'm thinking of starting off with Jillian Michael's 14 day detox, using house work during the winter as exercise while I'm getting used to my daughter's schedule and using the "Naturally Thin" (Bethenny Frankel's lifestyle book) as the eating rules to live by.

I tried a detox system and it took about 20lbs off and following the Naturally Thin guidelines took almost 30lbs off, but now I have baby weight to lose and not really an opportunity for a gym membership right now. Do any of the diet systems work? I have done MegaT Green Tea and I even tried Stacker2's (NEVER again) and I'm working on drinking water and cutting pop out. What else is there to try? I'm looking for results to stay and preferably lifestyle changes made. I used to work out every chance I got but with new baby and one person income, I can't spend monthly fees right now.

Has anyone ever tried any of the detox systems? Does Jillian Michaels have any good workout videos out? What are your best weight loss tips?

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