Diet pill alternatives

Diet pill alternatives

So you want a fast way to lose weight, you've heard about diet pills and you're thinking that it would be so much easier to use a diet pill instead of going on a diet.
Or maybe, you're just thinking it would speed up your weight loss if you could pop a diet pill or 3 as well as going on that diet?
So firstly let me explain why I know what you're thinking:
I've been there, I've done it and I can tell you the truth about diet pills and if they work or not, or at least what they did for me. I'll also reveal a really excellent alternative to diet pills that produce equivalent results, in my opinion at least...
I'm an expert dieter, (and an expert fatty!) I think the only reason I'm not seriously overweight, is because about once a year, I used to embark on a 3 month diet, which meant my weight never exploded above a certain level. I've been dieting on and off for 25 years!
I know what works for me now, because now, at last, finally I'm happy with my weight ... it stays within 7lbs of my happy weight. And if I put weight on (and I do), I know how to get rid of it fast without diet pills. Read on and I'll tell you how...

What it's like using Diet Pills

Before I knew about diet pills, I tried laxatives. I don't think they really worked. I had to take so many as my body got used to them, that I just felt really ill all the time. 3 years later I had blood in my stools and after investigations, was found to have (nasty large) polyps up there!! They had to be removed surgically and although they were benign, they could have developed into the big C! I swear the laxatives caused them. Sometimes you just know. Don't ever touch them!

My first entree into diet pills was a herbal pill which was said to increase metabolism. I felt fine! I had been taking them for a week or two and went out to a nightclub with friends (on an empty stomach - bar a herbal diet pill!
On arrival, the bouncer said he thought I was "on" something!... stupid man, I've never taken drugs in my life! - I remember thinking.

I had one alcoholic drink, then suddenly developed a raging thirst and while my partner was waiting at the bar to be served, everything went fuzzy, it felt like I had a swarm of bees in my head. I fainted. The night was ruined. That bouncer had been right. I stopped taking the diet pills.
Took me a while to get over that experience, but then I heard about Xenical. Xenical is a prescription diet pill which effectively prevents a percentage of the fat in your diet from being absorbed. Sounded perfect. So, I got hold of some and honestly, it did work really well. The only thing that I really didn't like was (sorry to be graphic) my stools were often close to the consistency of vegetable oil and orange! With the odd leak thrown in for good measure! yuk! I used these diet pills a good few times fairly happily before finally finding alternatives without the side effects of diet pills that work best for me.

What are the Alternatives to Diet Pills?

This is the magic formula that works for me. Following 25 years of personal diet research. To make it work for me I first needed to have the facts about my personal diet needs. Then I applied the calorie counting method (tried and tested), then added 3 bits of diet magic, 1 nutritional and one exercise and one psychological.

Gathering The Facts

  1. Firstly, I know exactly how many calories my body burns in an average day.
  2. Secondly, I know the size of my skeleton.
  3. Thirdly, I know the percentage of my body weight which is made up of fat. 
  4. Fourthly, I know my personal ideal weight by using the info above and checking the weight for height chart. Oh yes and I should say that because I've completed the 3 previous steps, I know this is both accurate and realistic.

Applying the Calorie Counting Method

I know this bit sounds boring, but it's fundamental to the magic, so bear with me.
Say for example that I know the following:
  • My BMR is 1700
  • I have a large frame
  • My Height is 5'6"
  • My ideal weight is 136lbs
If I want to lose 20lbs and I eat 1000 calories per day (1 pound of fat = 3500 calories), it would take me 14 weeks!
Not fast enough for me, so what can I do?
Here's the magic:

The magic alternative to Diet Pills

It's at this point that in the past I might have turned to diet pills to speed up my weight loss. But now I know the alternative 3 point plan:


  • Set a faster (but sensible) goal - it's motivational and puts me in control in the example we are using, I want to lose the same weight in less time, so let's change the goal to losing 20lbs of fat in 8 weeks. This means I need to burn an extra 550 calories a day OMG!
  • Find a way, believe you can do it.
  • Understand the science


Now, using the calorie calculator and the calorie burn planner, I can work out what exercise I can do to burn those extra 690 calories a day. As an example, let's say I choose to do 30 minutes of Aerobics a day, that would burn 205 calories, but that's not enough and I really can't manage double that - not every day!!!
But wait... here's the magic, Just doing 30 mins of aerobics a day will take me from being lightly active to moderately active, so I get a free bonus... my BMR has gone up to 1845! That means the 205 calories a day I'm burning is actually worth 350... Now things are looking up!


Now if you ensure every day that you eat no more than 1000 calories a day, you will lose weight. But as in my example, not fast enough. And no, I'm not going to tell you to eat less than 1000 calories a day as an alternative to diet pills. What I am going to tell you is the magic that works for me. I include one meal a day which is made up of foods that burn fat. For example I may eat a meal containing lots of Jalapeno, Habanero, and Cayenne Peppers & drink lots of black coffee every day. Check for other Fat burning foods here.
The Capsaicin in peppers speeds up your heart rate (a bit like a diet pill might) A study from the late 1980s found that eating a single meal like this could increase your metabolism by up to 25 percent, for up to 3 hours after you finish eating. So let's do the maths if my BMR is 1845 over a 24 hour period and I boost it for up to 3 hours a day by 25%, that's an extra 230 calories a day. The extra coffee I'm drinking will take care of the other 20 calories!
So that's it!, I can lose 20lbs of fat 6 weeks faster without eating less than 1000 calories a day and without taking diet pills, it's my alternative that works for me! I take no responsibility though if you choose to copy this method. I'm just saying what works for me. Do your own research and make your own decisions.

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