5 Tips to Burn More Calories

Hi everyone! This week I am going to give you 5 tips on how to burn more and consume less calories to help you lose up to 25 pounds in a year!

TIP #1
Most of us don't have time in the morning to do anything but go to work, and after work to come home, take care of important responsibilities: children, another job, dinner, bills, taking care of a home, etc. If we commit to waking up just 15 minutes earlier, we could have time to go for a walk for just 10 minutes.

Try waking up 15 minutes early, put your sneakers on and grab a water, briskly walk away from your home for 5 minutes and then return the other way. Many of my clients have a small loop in their neighborhood or a small block surrounding their apartment buildings that they like to walk around. This could wake you up for the day, start you off on the right foot and allow you to burn an extra 70-90 calories per day (depending on your weight and fitness level). This could equal up to 5 pounds of weight loss in a year if you commit to just 4 times a week.

Want to try to wake up 25 minutes earlier? That's a 10 pound weight loss over a year changing nothing else about your diet or day. Most likely after people start their day off like this, they will want to make wise choices the remainder of the day.

TIP # 2 
Take the stairs! Wherever you are, take the stairs. Annoying and inconvenient? Well doing this twice a day could be an annoyance but could also result in losing an annoying and inconvenient 4 pounds a year!

When you have the option at work, the doctor's office, the parking garage or the mall, take the stairs. You will thank me later!

TIP # 3
Drink more water! Replace most drinks during your day with water. You could deduct the average 250 calories per day that most Americans drink of empty calories! We sometimes mistake thirst for hunger and also over consume food or sugary drinks. A soda can carry as much sugar as a pack of Skittles!

Drink up on water and low 
calorie beverages.

TIP # 4
Do it yourself... when it comes to painting a room or part of your home, mowing the lawn, shoveling or sweeping the driveway, cleaning the house, gardening or even washing your car... do it yourself!

Not only do you have control of the outcome instead of paying someone to do it, you will burn extra calories you never knew you had. Painting a room can burn up to 500 calories! This of course is painting the trim and the walls. Add a second coat??... Add more calories! Mowing the lawn?... great workout. Enjoy your landscape. If you are thinking about hiring those expensive landscapers, think again. Hit up your local Home Depot or plant store and make your yard a product of your hard work. It is a luxury to pay people to do these things for you, but it is also a luxury to be able to look at something and be proud of your work. Taking care of your own home could allow you to lose 6 or more pounds a year!

A personal story of someone very close to me... okay it's my mother! Several years ago, she not only moved everything out of our home into storage gradually when we were moving so she didn't have to pay movers thousands of dollars, but she lost 15 pounds while doing it. Once we were at our new house she worked on the lawn and removed rocks that were deep in the grass and lost another 8 pounds! The lawn is beautiful, Mom! So when you want something done, do it yourself... once again you will thank me later.

TIP # 5
Get outside. Whether it's by yourself, with a friend or neighbor, your kids, and/or your husband or wife, get outside and enjoy any free time you have with loved ones. Teach your kids to be active. Go for a small hike, go for a walk around the neighborhood on the weekends, go to a park and play catch, go skiing, build a snowman (200 calories burnt!), go to a local outside concert and dance with your friends or family, get involved with water sports, play basketball, tennis, or even golf... walking for 18 holes can up to 700 calories! Enjoy the life around you and get outside. You will have less time to over eat and more time to burn calories and spend quality time with the world you live in.

Goodluck and thank you for all your messages. I hope everyone is doing really well.

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