Deep Breathing to Lose Weight

Deep breathing and weight loss 
Adding some deep breathing to your daily routine can actually help to boost your metabolism. Now you are probably thinking, really? Well, although breathing alone is not going to eliminate those excess pounds, when combined with a healthy diet, plenty of water and adequate exercise it can really make a difference.
Deep breathing is something you can do anywhere. Its an exercise you can do without changing clothes or going to the gym. Try it while waiting in line for your groceries, at your desk or even while kicking back watching a movie.

Deep Breathing and Weight Loss

Most of us take shallow breaths throughout the day. In fact, research has shown that most people only use a quarter of their lung capacity. Why is this important? Deep breathing increases oxygen levels in your bloodstream, which in turn increases circulation and gives your metabolism a boost. By not breathing deeply enough, you're forcing your metabolism to run below its optimal level. When you switch your metabolism back on, you will discover higher energy levels and increased mental clarity too.
Deep breathing can also reduce stress levels. When we are stressed the body secretes Cortisol, a hormone that encourages your body to store excess abdominal fat. Deep breathing reduces stress which in return keep that waistline slim.

Other benefits of Deep Breathing

Increasing your oxygen levels through deep breathing helps to keep your body cleansed of toxins. Exhalation from the lungs is one of the methods that the body uses to clear out toxins from your body, and elimination of waste, debris, toxins, and body pollution is a major function of oxygen. Keeping your body free of these substances helps to keep the metabolism revved. More oxygen will stimulate your lymphatic system too - another important factor in eliminating waste.
Deep breathing also improves the digestive process. When the digestive organs receive adequate amounts of oxygen, food is assimilated properly and nutrients are properly absorbed by the body.

A Deep Breathing Technique

Place your hand on your lower abdomen and blow out all the air. Take a deep breath. Your abdomen will expand when you inhale and air will flow in deeply to the pit of your stomach. Breath out slowly and evenly. Now repeat this for for 5 minutes everyday!

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