Can walking shake off those extra pounds?

Woman walking to burn calories
When I started modeling, my agency always advised the girls to doing lots of walking to stay slim. By watching what you eat in conjunction with a good walking plan, you can shed those stubborn unwanted pounds in no time.
Many dieters overlook the calorie benefits of a good brisk walk. It’s free, environmentally friendly, convenient, enjoyable, and at a good enough pace it can burn almost as many calories as jogging, but without the strain on your body.. The pace should be fast enough where you break a sweat, are breathing heavily, but still able to hold a conversation.
So how many times a week and how long do you need to walk to actually get some good results? Some fitness experts recommend just 3 sessions of 30 minutes per week. Personally though, I believe that isn’t enough to make much of a difference - it’s maybe just enough to prevent any more weight gain. What you really need to be doing is 45-60 minutes, 6-7 days a week.

Now this might seem like a lot, but you can fit it in your weekly routine with no problems. It also doesn’t mean you need to start the routine at 100% intensity. Just work an hour a day into your daily routine gradually and before you know it it will automatic.

How to make walking a part of your everyday life

You could walk to work, or even park your car 30 minutes away from the office (30 minutes there and back... that’s your daily hour of walking done!). Walk on your lunch hour. Schedule a couple nights a week walking with your BFF instead of after work cocktails. Getting a buddy or 2 on the plan will help you stay motivated and you’ll look forward to catching up while you walk off the calories together.
If you have a pooch, this is your perfect opportunity to be a great owner and take him out everyday with your Ipod listening to your favorite tunes. This could also be a great chance to get in touch with nature and get out and enjoy some of those beautiful walking trails in your area.

Why is walking such great exercise?

Walking speeds your metabolism, improves circulation and mental function. It also releases endorphins (your body’s happy hormones), relieves stress, elevates your mood and gives you a sense of well being.
Walking briskly burns approximately 300 calories per session, so you can burn 1800-2100 a week. Since to lose a pound your need to burn 3500, you could lose more than 2 pounds a month just from walking. Couple this with a healthy diet and you will be modelesque in no time.
Some final tips... Be sure to invest in some quality walking shoes, comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, a good sunscreen, and a smile!

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