5 Reasons to Drink More Water

Reasons to drink more water 
You might notice that when fashion models get photographed between runway jobs or photoshoots, they're often carrying a bottle of water. The reason for this is simple. Drinking sufficient water is one of the single most important things you can do for your body.

Not only does water rev up your metabolism, but it will also keep your complexion clear and improve your energy levels. If you want to look great this is one of the first changes you should make.

Why is water so important?

1. Speed up your metabolism
A healthy, well-hydrated body is important for any diet plan. As well as prolonging your life and keeping your internal organs (liver, kidney etc) clean and healthy, water speeds up your metabolism and aids weight loss. Even better, drinking ice cold water actually revs up your metabolism further as your body uses more energy to warm it up.

2. Curb your appetite
Water reduces your appetite by filling you up, so a glass of water before a meal will stop you from overeating. Sometimes the body mistakes thirst for hunger, and so you eat when you should really be drinking water. Keep yourself fully hydrated and your hunger will disappear. Many people wonder why the scale won't budge, without realizing that it won't unless they drink enough water.

3. Improve your complexion
As a model, complexion is really important. And besides being so healthy for your body, water will also keep you looking beautiful!

4. Increase your energy levels
A high percentage of people walk around fatigued when are actually chronically dehydrated. Remember we are made up of 2 thirds water so you need to be consistently drinking water throughout the day.

5. Eliminate bloating
If you are bloated from water retention after a salt meal, PMS, or alcohol, you actually need to increase your water intake to flush that excess water out.

How to make sure you drink enough water

A simple way to determine if you are consuming enough water is to take note of the color of your urine. If it is colorless or light yellow you are on the right track, if it's any darker you need to increase your water intake.

Make it easy for yourself to drink more water. Always keep a bottle of water on your desk at work, and bottles of chilled water in your fridge at home.

Your water intake can also be increased in other ways. You can add more water to healthy smoothies and soups. One of my favorite tips is to mix fruit juice with sparkling water - a filling, low calorie drink that's great for your body too.

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