5 Minute Beauty Tips

Yuko's Beauty Tips

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  • "My favorite last-minute beauty tip is Lip Plumper by Skin Medica. I use it before shoots and runway jobs. The best thing is that it works almost immediately."
  • "For a quick and easy hair do that looks like it took hours, go for the ballerina bun, a catwalk favorite. Just tie your hair tightly into a ponytail, then twist around it into a bun. Next put enough booby pins all the way around the bun and spray to hold it in place."
  • "If my concealer gets dry or cracked then I dab a tiny amount of water on it to freshen it up."

Keisha's Beauty Tips

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  • "My best makeup tip is gold highlights – they give a really luminous and fresh look. I highlight my features by dusting gold bronzer on my cheeks and brow, and sweeping a little over my nose and chin."
  • "I take a bottle of Evian mineral water spray in my bag whenever I’m working. I always try give my face a quick misting before I step out on the catwalk – it makes my skin feel younger, gives me a dewy look and (most importantly!) freshens up my makeup."
  • "I have my trusty Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen, which I use to lighten up any dark areas under my eyes. It’s great for that last minute check in the mirror. You can put it on top of your foundation, or just on your bare skin."

Ivana's Beauty Tips

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  • "If my hair is looking flat in between changes, I spray on a little water. This triggers whatever product the stylist put in my hair, and I can make any adjustments I need without overusing hairspray and ending up with greasy hair."
  • "I always get a concealer that’s 1 or 2 shades lighter than my natural skin tone. That way any dark blemishes I have get covered up better."

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