3 Diet Busters and how to avoid them

Diet busters

Its never easy to stick to a diet, and there are temptations waiting for us round every corner. With a little willpower and some good advice though, they won't trip you up. Here are 3 of the most common road bumps that we face, and some tips on how to tackle them!

The holiday season

We all love to gather together with family, friends and coworkers during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Although this is a wonderful time, it can also be a little too enjoyable for your waistline!
Indeed, a recent study showed that the average person gains 1 pound during these holidays, and never shakes it off. As the years go by these unwanted pounds add up, so here are a few ways to get organized and be conscious of what you're eating, without sacrificing the fun.

  • Schedule in workouts as you would social commitments. You'll be much less likely to give them a skip.

  • Carry healthy snacks with you, so when the cookies come out you will have an alternative.

  • Zero in on the healthy, low calorie food at parties. Use smaller plates if possible and try to avoid buffets!

  • Go easy on the alcohol as the calories will quickly add up. If you must drink, stick to low calorie beverages.

  • Getting married

    So you're in great shape and you finally snag your Prince Charming... but then your discipline fades, staying in shape no longer seems such a priority and you subconsciously let your healthy diet slide away. Instead of getting out shopping or playing sports with your friends, you are more likely to stay at home with your husband, eating dinner in front of the TV and enjoying your new-found domestic bliss. Before you know it, you've gained 20 pounds and you don't recognize yourself in a mirror.
    If this sounds familiar, don't worry - you're not alone! Men need twice as much food as we do and you're probably now eating much more than you did when you were single. The men in our lives also make lots of demands on our time, so fitting in regular exercise can sometimes seem impossible. But there's really no need for marriage to get in the way of a healthy lifestyle.
    Team up with your husband and do some exercise together - if you've put on weight, chances are that he has too. Call your friends and go for weekend hikes, play some sports at the weekend, get back out there and live an active, healthy life. Quit the junk food and check out our low calorie snacks page. You found your prince, but don't let your standards slip - if you stay hot and healthy then your marriage will too!

    Big nights out

    Going out for drinks and good food with friends is one of the best things in life. However, a big weekend can reverse all the exercise and healthy eating you put in during the week. If you follow a few simple tips though, there's no reason to feel guilty about a big night out.
    In restaurants, skip the bread and order your food steamed, baked, grilled or poached, rather than fried or deep fried. Substitute salad for the fries or potatoes that come with your meal, and careful with the salad dressing! Either pass on dessert or go for the fruit plate.
    Alcohol is another big problem for dieters. Studies show that alcohol suppresses the body's ability to burn fat, as well as stimulating appetite and wrecking your willpower. Its hard to go teetotal if you have an active social life though, so why not limit yourself to low calorie drinks like white wine spritzers and vodka soda? High-volume, low-alcohol drinks like lite beers are also good for getting through the evening.

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